Three Cups Adventures

The book, "Three Cups", teaches how delayed gratification – while helping someone in need – can be very self-fulfilling. My eight year old received the sacrament of First Holy Communion this past spring and got quite a lot of money as gifts from family and friends. Truth be told, I made her open a savings account with the money, but the money has been burning a hole in her pocket ever since. She really wants to spend it – on nothing really – but on everything she sees. I let her keep her piggy bank money, which is basically coins that are lying around the house, and oddball money that she has received from us for various things. We haven’t given her an "allowance" yet because we don’t believe children should receive money for just "being". After reading "Three Cups", she divided her money into three groups: saving, spending, and giving. This book really helped her see that if she works hard, she will be able to save, spend, and give on her own. On Friday, after we returned from a school field trip, she went outside (without being asked) and raked all of the leaves in our front yard. She even got the leaf blower out and blew off the sidewalk. I gave her $6 dollars for her effort. At Mass this past Sunday, she gave $1 dollar from her own piggy bank (instead of mine) to the Poor Box. She told me that she is saving $2 dollars to add to her savings account and she is going to save her spending money for Christmas gifts for her friends. She got it! And it was a much easier process using the book "Three Cups" than it would have been if Mommy mandated the process.
- Lauralee-Mommy's Memorandum
We are learning about how God wants us to handle our money and about being good stewards. We are also learning that we should spend wisely without going in debt, save for the future, and give to others. We read your book and it was excellent. Many of the students want to start their own Three Cups program and some of them already have. We are excited about the adventures God has for all of us! Thank you for writing this book!
- Borculo Christian School 3rd and 4th graders
"Three Cups" is an excellent teaching tool for all ages and perfect for any Christian parent who wants to instill lasting values in their children. "Three Cups" is a true story about a birthday gift of three cups: one for giving, one for saving and one for spending. What is thought to be the worst gift ever turns out to be the gift that lasts a lifetime and can be passed on to future generations. The book is great for my girls ages 10 and 12 as well as my boys 5 and 7. I even read it to my 1 and 2 year olds even though they are not quite old enough to understand. Kids are never too young to start learning about money.
- Simply Raising 8 (Blog) reviewer
I think Three Cups is a great book because I love helping people so I love this great book!
- Jessica Hobbs
We implemented the three cups concept (using jars) with our son Grant, age 8, nearly one year ago. Right now, he enjoys his spending jar the most and has made good choices as to where he donates his charity jar money - which has included our church and his school fundraisers. Recently, he proudly took his over-stuffed savings jar to the bank and opened his very own savings account. My wife and I matched his savings jar total for the initial deposit to show Grant how proud we were of him. We have given "Three Cups" to other young children as they celebrate a milestone like a baptism, first communion, a kindergarden graduation, etc., and include a note along with a crisp $20 bill inside. We have even made "Three Cups" available in our church's resource center. Our hope is their parents will sit quietly and read them "Three Cups" so they can begin learning and implementing the many valuable lessons it teaches. The foundation has been built! Thank you!
- Derrick
I only started the Three Cups program 2 weeks ago, but it has already been awesome! This past weekend at church, my daughter and son decided combine the money from their charity cups and sponsor a little girl from Nairobi, Africa. Last night, my son told me he moved some of his spending money into his savings and charity cup. This comes from a kid who immediately spends all the money he receives to buy toys! Thank you for your wonderful book. I was especially motivated to start the Three Cups program when I saw the illustration of the son driving off to college (on page 19). I hope to teach the principles of Three Cups to my kids while they are young so when they become adults it's second nature to them. Thank you, again!
- Laura Pease
I bought "Three Cups" and read it to my six grandchildren who range in age from 5-15. Instead of using cups, I made a folder (like a picture album) with three of the folders containing envelopes for each of the three categories. I also gave each grandchild the amount of money to correspond with their age and included a scale of how the money should be divided. I will continue to do this until they are 18. My daughters family already understands stewardship! The other day in church my 5 year old grandchild leaned over and said to me; "Grandma, I forgot to bring my money from stewardship envelope!" In addition to giving the book to each of my grandchildren, I am purchasing "Three Cups" for the families of each of my nieces and nephews this Christmas. The younger great nieces and nephews will get cups and the older children will get folders. This has been great fun for me and I also feel like I am helping to teach some values. Thanks!!!
- Kathy Tichenor
My son, who is in 3rd grade, and I are using Three Cups which was given to him at school at the beginning of Lent. The book has provided a great way for us to go through Lent and to talk about the importance of sharing our gifts with others, saving for our future and spending wisely on our needs today. It has also given my son and me a focal point for discussions about the money he receives on birthdays, for chores and so on. I would recommend Three Cups as a great tool that can help all of us live and teach our faith... with our wallets.
- Michael Farrell
My daughter, Makenzie, and I have started our new adventure using the three-cup method. We have three fiesta tea cups which are labeled “Savings”, “Spending” and “Sharing.” So many things have come to life for us; Makenzie is now saving for a pet bunny. One day I was describing to Makenzie the difference between saving and spending and told her she would save her money for a long time and spend it on something big, like her first car. She got really excited and said; “Mom, I could buy a car for you! What kind do you want me to get for you?” We have also been to the bank to set up her savings account and we watch it grow online. Three Cups is also a great lesson for me as a parent to walk the talk. Thank you for sharing such a great message! We are excited to be on this adventure.
- Leslie A Cunningham
My three kids are really into “Three Cups” and, interestingly, are most excited about giving away the money in the Charity Cup. We read the book several times and then they asked when they could start the program. So, we set up the cups. Three sets of 3 identical cups were hard to come by, so we used plastic cups from a restaurant. We wrote Spending, Savings, and Charity on each cup with a Sharpie pen - the youngest two kids can't read yet, so we have to help them remember which is which! They love to divide their allowance into the cups and I enjoy coaching them on what are good splits between each of the three cups. They have yet to buy anything with their Spending Cup money (I think they enjoy watching it accumulate). However, they raid the Charity Cup each week before church and are excited to put it into the weekly collection basket. I am thankful for the inspiration “Three Cups” provides (so eloquently) so that others can have the adventure, too!
- Tracy Miller - Carmel, IN